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To be launched in Fall 2016, UAlberta’s Mountains 101 will be the world’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in interdisciplinary mountain studies, available either for university credit or for free – to anyone, anywhere in the world where there’s an Internet connection.

Mountains 101 is led by an interdisciplinary team of scholars at UAlberta belonging to the Canadian Mountain Studies Initiative and will provide a general introduction to the mountain world, drawing from the biological sciences, the earth sciences, and the arts and humanities.

Crossing conventional disciplinary borders, Mountains 101 will provide unique educational experience for individuals, families, and community members: anyone interested in the awe-inspiring world of mountains.

University of Alberta welcomes The Alberta Bear to Campus

In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation and the opening of the new Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) Centre, a life-sized case bronze bear has been erected on the University of Alberta campus. At the corner of 114 Street and 87 Ave, standing on guard in front of the Wilson Climbing Centre is the Alberta Bear.

Desk Top Replica of The Alberta Bear

The purchase of one out of one hundred limited edition desk top replicas of the Alberta Bear, is a vital part of our fundraising campaign to promote higher learning and success of our students. When you purchase a Bear, you directly enhance the student experience. The money raised will be placed into the new Physical Education and Recreation Golden Anniversary International travel Scholarship.

Read more about the limited edition desk top replica bears here


  1. Battle of (the University of) Alberta

    Join Us! September 3 in Camrose,AB for the Battle of (the University of) Alberta. Golden Bears Hockey vs the Vikings

  2. Canadian Author's Mountain Book Storms International Summits with Honours for Ecology and Environment

  3. Heres the Amount of Exercise That Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

    Faculty Professor Kerry Courneya, was part of a clinical trial, Effects of a High vs Moderate Volume of Aerobic Exercise on Adiposity Outcomes in Postmenopausal Women

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Recent Faculty Publications 

Effects of a High vs Moderate Volume of Aerobic Exercise on Adiposity Outcomes in Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial  Kerry Courneya et al. (2015)

Determination of the optimal load setting for arm crank anaerobic testing in men and women Scott Forbes, Michael Kennedy, Normand Boule and Gordon Bell  (2015)

Physical activity, screen time, and sitting among U.S. adolescents Valerie Carson, et al.(2015)

The effect of supervised prenatal exercise on fetal growth Margie Davenport, Normand Boule et al.  (2015)

Embodied subjectivities: Intersections of discursive and critical psychology with socio-cultural exercise research  Pirkko Markula (2015)

The Snooze of Lose: Rapid Reaching Reveals That Losses Are Processed More Slowly Than Gains Chapman, C. S., Gallivan, J. P., Wong, J. D., Wispinski, N. J., & Enns, J. T. (2015)

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In the News

  1. Facility and Program Access for U of A Students

    The Athletics and Recreation Fee is designed to support healthy and active lifestyle on the University of Alberta campus through various exercise facilities and programs, recreational sports opportunities, and varsity athletics.

  2. U of A looking for families to play St Paul

  3. Inside the new PAW Centre

    Take this video tour of the new $60-million Physical Activity and Wellness Centre on the campus of the University of Alberta.

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