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Desk Top Replica of The Alberta Bear

The purchase of one out of one hundred limited edition desk top replicas of the Alberta Bear, is a vital part of our fundraising campaign to promote higher learning and success of our students. When you purchase a Bear, you directly enhance the student experience. The money raised will be placed into the new Physical Education and Recreation Golden Anniversary International travel Scholarship.

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  1. Positive Effects of Physical Activity in Relation to Early Childhood Cognitive Development

    While there is a growing market of television programming, electronic toys, and apps for personal devices targeted at young children, the impact on early childhood cognitive development from those sedentary activities is under scrutiny by a group of researchers in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation and Department of Psychology.

  2. Karen Slater Named to Avenues Top 40 Under 40

    Why She’s Top 40: She’s challenging perceptions of disabilities by offering programs that encourage physical activity and healthy living. If you could change one thing about Edmonton, what would it be? “Can I give advice instead? Don’t worry about being a place to visit; be a good place to live. I think Edmonton’s really achieving that. [The city is] amazing right now.”

  3. Leisure Matters: The State and Future of Leisure Studies

    Leisure Matters: The State and Future of Leisure Studies updates and expands Jackson and Burton’s Mapping the Past, Charting the Future (1989) and Leisure Studies: Prospects for the Twenty-First Century (1999). The need to do so was driven by the significant new developments in the leisure studies field as well as the arrival of new and upcoming experts in specific areas of study.

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Recent Faculty Publications 

Community forestry in British Columbia: Policy progression and public participation Howard Harshaw et al. (2015)

Sport cycling tourists’ setting preferences, appraisals and attachments Elizabeth Halpenny et al.  (2015)

Gender-associated perceptions of barriers and motivators to physical activity participation in south asian punjabis living in Western Canada Gordon Walker, Kerry Mummery, Cally Darrell Jennings et al.(2015)

Creatine loading elevates the intracellular phosphorylation potential and alters adaptive responses of rat fast-twitch muscle to chronic low-frequency stimulation Charles T. Putman, Maria Gallo, K.J.B. Martins, Ian Maclean, Michelle Jendral, Daniel Syrotuik  et al.  (2015)

Ventilatory responses to prolonged exercise with heavy load carriage  Devin Phillips, Stewart Petersen et al. (2015)

Airway inflammation, cough and athlete quality of life in elite female cross-country skiers: A longitudinal study Michael Kennedy et al. (2015)

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In the News

  1. Facility and Program Access for U of A Students

    The Athletics and Recreation Fee is designed to support healthy and active lifestyle on the University of Alberta campus through various exercise facilities and programs, recreational sports opportunities, and varsity athletics.

  2. U of A looking for families to play St Paul

  3. Inside the new PAW Centre

    Take this video tour of the new $60-million Physical Activity and Wellness Centre on the campus of the University of Alberta.

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