Celebrating 50 Years

Join us as we celebrate our 50th anniversary with an array of Golden Events! Throughout the year we will highlight our faculty and the variety of accomplishments, both past and present, which make us who we are. Celebrate with us as we showcase our current research initiatives, view the opening of our new first class facilities and recreation programs and take a walk through our athletic history and commemorate our past and future!

We look forward to another fifty years of tradition, excellence and diversity. 

Find out more about how the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation will celebrate its Golden Anniversary here

Achieve your academic potential in a faculty that offers both arts and science degrees that lead to a rewarding future.  See how our degrees can open doors to a great career!


Did you know the faculty currently offers Dance Education classes and will be starting to offer its first Mountain Studies course in the winter of 2014?  Learn more about our Dance Coaching Program and the Mountain Studies Initiative that we currently offer and how you can weave these areas into your Degree.



  1. Time Lapse Video of the PAW Centre Construction

    Over 3 million frames were acquired over the construction phase of this entire project to pull together this time lapse video of the PAW Centre construction

  2. Edmontonians climbin the walls at the University of Alberta

  3. Albertans should move more and sit less: study

    2015 Alberta Survey on Physical Activity Suggests Albertans Should Move More and Sit Less

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