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Research Areas

Active, Healthy Children Adapted Physical Activity Analysis of Human Movement  Athlete Health 
Behavioural Medicine and Health Psychology  Coaching Studies Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sociocultural Studies of Sport and Leisure Sport and Leisure Organisations  Sport Psychology  

  • Alphabetical listing of current faculty members and coaching staff 
  • Faculty members' websites linked below usually comprise a biography, graduate students, publications, resumes and grants. Some are PDF files.  

Areas of Research, and Researchers

Active, Healthy Children

Dr. Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere 
Office (780) 492-9615      

  • Vulnerable children, play and physical activitySpecific interests in children who are neglected, materially deprived and/or have disability
  • Psycho-social and environmental aspects of activity engagement for vulnerable children
  • Adapted Physical Activity
  • Issues related to inclusion and competence in physical activity, recreation and sport for children with disabilities; disability sport
Dr. Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere

Dr. Nick Holt (see also Sport Psychology)

Adapted Physical Activity 

Dr. Marcel Bouffard (Dr. Bouffard is not accepting graduate students.)
Office (780) 492-3566      

  • Movement skill acquisition of mentally handicapped and physically awkward children,
  • Methodological issues in adapted physical activity 
 Dr. Marcel Bouffard

Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Office (780) 492-0580      

  • Motivational aspects of participation in physical activities and recreation by children with disabilities.
 Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn

Dr. Donna Goodwin, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs 
Office  (780) 492-4397      

  • Issues related to disability and physical well-being
  • Current research explores the notion of disability as a social construction and the resulting impact of societal attitudes on participating in physical activity as it applies to persons with disabilities.
  • Methodological issues unique to capturing the experiences of persons with disabilities in physical activity settings as well as research into professional practice
  • Dr. Goodwin's curriculum vitae (abbreviated) (PDF) 
 New DGoodwin

Dr. Kelvin Jones 
Office (780) 492-0650   

  • Mathematical models of neuromuscular physiology
  • Multi-sensory integration for production and learning of movement
  • Electro-diagnostic methods for assessing health of the neuromuscular system
 Dr. Kelvin Jones

Dr. Nancy Spencer Cavaliere (see also Active, Healthy Children)

Analysis of Human Movement 

Dr. Pierre Baudin
Office (780) 492-1381      

Discipline of biomechanics specifically:

  • sports biomechanics,
  • computer simulation of human movement, and
  • biomechanics pedagogy
 Dr. Pierre Baudin
Dr. Craig Chapman
Office 780-492-3839
  • Understanding human movements as the observable component of complex human cognition
  • Analyzing reaching behaviour to reveal how we select an object for action when it is in a complex environment with many other objects
  • Examining the neural and behavioural signature of objects that are not selected for action, e.g. obstacle avoidance
  • Dr. Chapman's curriculum vitae (PDF)
  • Dr Chapman's ACELab website
 Craig Chapman

Dr. Loren Chiu 
Office (780) 248-1263      

  • Analysis and optimization of multi-segmental motor skills
  • Acute responses and chronic adaptations to resistance training
  • Transfer of training to motor skill performance
  • Physiology and mechanics of muscular strength
  • Dr. Chiu's website
 Dr. Loren Chiu
Dr. Dave Collins
Office  (780) 492-6506      
  • Neural control of human movement
  • Spinal and supraspinal mechanisms
  • Reflex modulation
  • Proprioception
  • Kinaesthesia
  • Human muscle
  • Motorneurons
  • Plateau potentials
  • Functional electrical stimulation
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Dr. Collins' web site 
 Dr. Dave Collins
Dr. Brian Maraj
Office  (780) 492-8649      
  • Perceptual motor behaviour with two specific foci:
    - the organization of locomotion across the life span (special emphasis on stair-climbing gait)
    - perceptual motor behaviour in persons with Down Syndrome, examining optimal motor learning strategies and the onset of motor skills for this population
  • Dr. Maraj's website
 Dr. Brian Maraj

Behavioural Medicine and Health Psychology

Dr. Tanya Berry, Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity Promotion
Office  (780) 492-3280      

Exercise and health psychology

  • Why physical activity promotion messages are largely ineffectual
  • Designing better physical activity promotion messages
  • Automatic processes that underlie activity behaviour  (e.g. attentional bias and stereotype activation)

Dr. Berry's website

 Dr. Tanya Berry
Dr. Valerie Carson
Office (780) 492-1004
  • Relationship between physical activity, sedentary behaviour, obesity, and other health outcomes
  • Determinants of physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  • Objective measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  • Dr. Carson's website
 Dr. Val Carson
Dr. Kerry Courneya, Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Cancer
Office (780) 492-1031      
  • The role of physical activity in cancer control including primary prevention, coping with treatments,rehabilitation after treatments, and secondary prevention and survival
  • the outcomes of physical activity (e.g., physical functioning, fatigue, quality of life, disease endpoints)
  • the determinants of physical activity (e.g., social cognitive models, disease factors)
  • and behaviour change interventions to promote physical activity (e.g., print materials, internet)
  • Dr. Courneya's CV (PDF) 
  • Behavioural Medicine Laboratory

 Dr. Kerry Courneya

 Dr. Tara-Leigh McHugh
Office (780) 492-3907      
  • Background in kinesiology, with an interest in physical activity and health psychology
  • Research focus:
    • Body image, physical activity, and health of Aboriginal peoples
    • Qualitative, feminist, and participatory action research approaches
    • Dr. McHugh's CV (PDF)
 Dr. Tara-Leigh McHugh
Dr. Kerry Mummery, Dean 
Office (780) 492-3364      
  • Health-related physical activity
  • Community-based physical activity promotion
  • Web-based interventions to promote physical activity in general and clinical populations
  • Dr. Mummery's CV (PDF)
 Dr. Kerry Mummery, Dean
Dr. Wendy Rodgers, Vice Dean
Office  (780) 492-2677      
  • Social psychology of exercise, health and lifestyle behaviour
  • Theoretical and practical issues of program initiation and maintenance 
  • Dr. Rodgers CV (PDF)
 Dr. Wendy Rodgers
Dr. John Spence, Associate Dean, Research
Office (780) 492-5910      
Fax 780-492-2364
  • The benefits and determinants of physical activity and how physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour are related to obesity.
  • Research focus:
    • the physical environment and how it may influence physical activity choices and risk for obesity among both children and adults (e.g., urban form, location of food establishments)
    • the role of policy initiatives such as tax credits for promoting physical activity
    • ecological models of behaviour and health
  • Dr. Spence's CV (PDF)
  • Dr. Spence's biography (PDF)
 Dr. John Spence

Coaching Studies

See Dr Jim Denison; Dr. Ian Reade (also Sociocultural Studies of Sport and Leisure)

Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry 

Dr. Gordon Bell (Dr. Bell is not accepting graduate students.)
Office (780) 492-2018      
Fax 780-492-2364
 Dr. Gordon Bell
Dr. Normand Boulé
Office (780) 492-4695      
 Dr. Normand Boule
Dr. Margie Davenport
Office (780) 492-0642
  • Investigating the mechanisms of maternal-fetal transmission of chronic disease risk
  • Exploring the effect of exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period on maternal/fetal health
  • Understanding the long-term effect of pre-natal exercise on infant health
  • Specific interest in the maternal/fetal cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations to exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • Dr. Davenport's curriculum vitae (PDF)
  • Dr. Davenport is associated with the The Centre for Pregnancy and Postpartum Health (CPPH)
 Dr. Margie Davenport
Dr. Darren DeLorey
Office  (780) 492-0157      
  • Cardiorespiratory physiology and muscle metabolism in response to exercise
  • Control of skeletal muscle vascular tone and blood flow at rest and during exercise 
  • Specific interest in the effects of advancing age, gender and physical training 
  • The research program utilizes both human and animal approaches
  • Dr. DeLorey's curriculum vitae (PDF) 
 Dr. Darren DeLorey
Dr. Vicki Harber
Office  (780) 492-1023      
  • Hormonal and metabolic adaptations to acute and chronic exercise,
  • Investigating independent and interactive effects of energy intake and energy expenditure on the reproductive axis, the endocrine system and body composition (skeletal muscle, bone and adipose tissue),
  • Predisposing factors and mechanisms underlying reproductive dysfunction in active women.
  • Canadian Sport for Life: The Female Athlete Perspective (PDF)
 Dr. Vicki Harber
Dr. Michael Kennedy
Office  (780) 492-2830      
  • Lung inflammation and lung function in athletes
  • Assessment of performance in endurance sports including pacing strategies and influence of fatigue 
  • Fatigue, health and fitness factors that affect illness, injury and performance in athletes
  • Coordinated regulation of the cardio-respiratory system during exercise
 Dr. Michael Kennedy

Dr. Stewart Petersen  (Dr. Petersen is not accepting graduate students at this time.)
Office (780) 492-0996      

  • Work physiology with emphasis on problems related to emergency response occupations. 
  • Cardio-pulmonary limitations to exercise in health and disease.
  • Development of fitness standards for physically demanding occupations.
  • Dr. Petersen is associated with the Work Physiology laboratory


 Dr. Stewart Petersen
Dr. Ted Putman
Office (780) 492-2187      
Fax 780-492-2364
  • Neuromuscular cell biology
  • The lab group investigates, in basic rodent models, the cellular and molecular mechanisms directing muscle fibre transformation in response to acute and chronic increases in muscle contraction
  • Special emphasis is placed on satellite cell activity and the control of myosin heavy chain gene expression
  • Neuromuscular adaptation is also studied in transgenic murine models of degenerative neuromuscular disease
 Dr. Ted Putman
Dr. Craig Steinback
Office (780) 492-5553
  • Regulation of the sympathetic nervous system as it relates to cardiovascular control
  • Reflex physiology associated with baroreflex and chemoreflex mechanims
  • The plasticity of these systems in response to exercise, training, and treatment
  • Specific interest in neurovascular and cardiovascular control in response activities, environments, and diseases associated with low oxygen (hypoxia)
  • Dr. Steinback's curriculum vitae (PDF)
 Dr. Craig Steinback
Dr. Dan Syrotuik (Dr. Syrotuik is not accepting graduate students)
Office  (780) 492-6583      
  • Advanced conditioning methodologies in resistance training,
  • Use of nutritional supplements as an ergogenic aid,
  • Applied sport training programs for elite athletes.
  • Use of "non-banned training nutritional adjuncts" or supplementation with training.
  • Training phenomena that can directly benefit the athlete and/or coach.
  • Dr. Syrotuik's curriculum vitae (PDF) 


 Dr. Dan Syrotuik

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Dr. Karen Fox
Office (780) 492-7173      
  • Critical and indigenous perspectives about theories of leisures. 
  • Specific projects include:
  • Youth-driven leisure initiatives
  • Urban Aboriginal youth and hip hop
  • Native Hawaiian critiques and perspectives of leisure,
  • Participatory, arts-informed and indigenous research methodologies
  • Ethical outdoor leadership,
  • Leisure research and praxis
 Dr. Karen Fox kayaking

Dr. Tom Hinch, Associate Dean, Community and International Engagement
Office (780) 492-2759      
email:; see also Sport and Leisure Organisations

  • Sustainable tourism in destination communities, with an emphasis on:
    - sport tourism,
    - tourism and indigenous people,
    - tourism seasonality
    - casino-based tourism.
  • Exploration of "place" as understood by hosts and guests within specified tourism destinations.
  • Dr. Hinch's CV (abbreviated) - PDF format
 Dr. Tom Hinch
Dr. Elizabeth Halpenny
Office (780) 492-5702      
  • Park and protected areas management
  • Tourism, especially nature-based
  • Visitor experience
  • Park tourism; nature-based tourism; agro-tourism; marine tourism
  • Environmental attitudes and behaviours
  • Volunteerism
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Sense of place and place attachment
  • Marketing theory and consumer behaviour
 Dr. Elizabeth Halpenny
Dr. Zac Robinson - see Socio-cultural Studies of Sport and Leisure
Dr. PearlAnn Reichwein
Office (780) 492-0579      
  • Canadian history and cultural studies of recreation, sport, leisure, and tourism
  • People, parks, and politics
  • National parks, mountaineering, travel, art, literature, education, children's play, health
  • Social reform and community movements
  • Environmental history, public history, gender history
  • Cultural resource management and historic sites
  • Dr. Reichwein's website
 Dr. Pearl Ann Reichwein
Dr. Gordon Walker
Office (780) 492-0581      
  • Leisure behaviour, particularly motivations for, constraints to, and experiences during leisure
  • Cross-cultural similarities and differences in leisure behaviour especially among Canadians, Chinese and Chinese-Canadians
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Dr. Walker's CV (PDF) - abbreviated 
 Dr. Gordon Walker
 Dr. Howie Harshaw
Office (780) 492-6821      

  • Outdoor recreation planning and management.
  • Structural social psychological characteristics outdoor recreation participation.
  • The role of recreation specialization in recreationists’ preferences for natural resource management.
  • Human dimensions of natural resources.
  • Public participation in natural resource decision-making.
  • Social criteria and indicators of sustainable resource management.
  • Website:


Sociological Studies of Sport and Leisure 

Dr. Judy Davidson 
Office (780) 492-1024      

 Dr. Judy Davidson
Dr. Jim Denison
Office (780) 492-6824      
 Dr. Jim Denison
Dr. Pirkko Markula
Office (780) 492-7192      
 Dr. Pirkko Markula
Dr. Lisa McDermott
Office (780) 492-1025      
 Dr. Lisa McDermott
Dr. Pearlann Reichwein - see Recreation and Leisure Studies
Dr. Zac Robinson
Office: 780-492-8912
  • Canadian alpine history (mountaineering, skiing, parks, tourism)
  • Western Canadian environmental history
  • Rocky and Columbia mountains
  • Travel literature and postcolonialism
  • Tourism, globalization, and indigeneity
  • Dr. Robinson is associated with the Mountain Studies Initiative 
Dr. Zac Robinson
Dr. Jay Scherer
Office (780) 492-9146      
Jay Scherer

Sport and Leisure Organisations

Dr. Tom Hinch, Associate Dean, Community and International Engagement
(see also Recreation and Leisure Studies)
Dr. Dan Mason
Office  (778)-477-4950      
  • Sport management,
  • Sport commerce and culture,
  • Agency theory,
  • Stakeholder theory,
  • Historical and legal aspects of sport and leisure.
  • Dr. Mason's CV (PDF) 
Dr. Dan Mason 
Dr Ian Reade, Athletics Director, Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics
Office (780) 492-8273      
  • International sport system and its relationship with the Canadian sport system,
  • Canadian sport system and the role played by universities in that system,
  • Alberta sport system and the performance of sport and recreation organizations,
  • The management of sport, recreation and physical activity and the role management plays in increasing participation in sport and physical activity.
 Dr. Ian Reade

Sport Psychology

Dr. John Dunn
Office (780) 492-2831      
 Dr. John Dunn
Dr. Nick Holt
Office (780) 492-7386      
 Dr. Nick Holt
Dr. Billy Strean, 3M National Teaching Fellow (seconded to Faculty of Extension until June, 2015)
Office (780) 492-3890      
 Dr. Billy Strean