Our lab looks at how to build a better athlete

Exercise Physiology

What our lab does

In general our lab focuses on exercise response and training adaptations for sport, recreational and healthy activities.

Current research activities include:

  • Any type of physiological assessment of acute and chronic exercise responses,
  • as well as investigations of unique physical activity and athlete training programs
  • nutritional supplementation with exercise and training,
  • occupational exercise stress
  • and exercise factors associated with women and men's health.


The laboratory houses

  • state of the art metabolic measurement systems,
  • isokinetic dynamometry,
  • a variety of body composition assessment techniques,
  • a variety of ergometers as well as equipment that can be used for basic biochemical analyses of various exercise responses.

Equipment includes

    • Monark and electronic cycle ergometers, rowing ergometers, treadmills
    • Automated metabolic measurement systems, including Parvo Medics and Medgraphics CPXD systems used for exercise testing resting metabolic measurements
    • An automated system is available for pulmonary function assessment
    • A variety of muscle testing equipment (e.g. Cybex II)
    • ECG and heart rate monitoring devices
    • Nutritional software

    Our lab group also collaborates with other centres at the University of Alberta to access

    • MRI/NMR scanning,
    • DEXA scanning, echocardioagraphy, near infra-red spectroscopy,
    • muscle biopsy techniques,
    • other biochemical techniques,
    • arm crank ergometers and
    • wheel chair rollers.

    Our researchers


    Visit the Sport and Health Assessment Centre (SHAC) where we conduct research, and sport and fitness testing.