Sports Biomechanics Laboratory

We analyse movement in the biomechanics labWhat our lab does

The Sports Biomechanics Lab is both a research facility, and an undergraduate and graduate teaching facility. The primary focus of the lab and of our research and teaching activities is to quantify and explain human movement in the environment of sport.

Current projects include

  • Assessment and modeling of teaching progressions for back handsprings in artistic gymnastics
  • Comparative analysis between assisted and resisted sprinting and free sprinting in trained athletes

Other projects have included

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Assessment of police batons
  • Computer simulation of aerial skills to current studies related to artistic gymnastics, running and sprint training.


The Sports Biomechanics Laboratory is well-equipped for human movement capture and analysis. This lab features:

  • Film and video analysis capabilities with 16mm high-speed cameras and analyzer,
    • analogue and digital video recording and analysis capabilities.
    • Gait runway with two mounted force platforms
    • Additional measurement tools such as:
      • EMG, electrogonometers and small force transducers allow for a broad study of sports skills
      • Video motion analysis equipment
        • Two 60Hz SVHS camcorders
        • Two JVC DV high-speed cameras supported with the ARIEL Performance Analysis System
        • Three Qualisys 240Hz ProReflex cameras for high-speed automatic motion tracking using passive markers
        • 5 channels of pre-amplified EMG
          • Biometrics goniometers
          • AMTI and Bertec force platforms
          • IBM-compatible computers and peripherals using a range of commercial and custom software to support these cameras.

          Director: Dr. Pierre Gervais
          Dr. Loren Chiu