Research News, Announcements and Internal Grant Deadlines

The faculty provides several of its own opportunities for researchers to apply for funding. We will post information here about internal grants and deadlines of which researchers need to be aware.

Human Performance Fund

  • Human Performance Fund Terms of Reference (PDF)
  • Funds provided by the University of Alberta President's Grants for the Creative Arts and Performing Arts and allocated by the Office of the Vice President, Research to the Faculty.
  • Funding can be used by the Faculty in a way it deems will best achieve its specific research goals "in strategic and transformative ways."
  • Office of the Associate Dean, Research in the Faculty awards and administers the fund.

EFF-SAS (Endowment Fund for the Future - Support for the Advancement of Scholarship) 

  • Application Guidelines - Operating Grant (PDF)
  • Application Form - Operating Grant (PDF)
  • Awarded and administered by the Faculty's Office of the Associate Dean, Research.
  • Supports the research of full-time, tenure-track faculty members or academic staff members.
  • Serves to enhance the visibility of the Faculty; contribute to growth of the university as a major research institution.
  • Proposals must contribute to the research mandate of the university.
  • Awards made under this fund should be used as a springboard for researchers to access other funds.

Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation University Conference Fund

  • Terms of Reference (PDF)
  • For more information about these awards and others, contact


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