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Certificate in Aboriginal Sport and Recreation

This certificate is jointly offered by the faculties of Native Studies and Physical Education and Recreation. This is an embedded certificate program within your degree program.

Explore the wide world of Aboriginal sport and recreation  

Learn the skills you need to work in the emerging field of Aboriginal sport and recreation.

  • The Certificate in Aboriginal Sport and Recreation provides an embedded asset to your degree program
  • It provides a focused, rich learning experience aimed at developing leadership skills in the specific areas of Aboriginal health and wellness, related to sport and recreation
  • It will be taught by a cadre of outstanding scholars, led by Dr. Tara-Leigh McHugh


  • Students in any degree program are eligible to enroll in this certificate program

Students who choose to pursue the certificate after completing their second year of study will likely require extra time to fit the certificate courses into their programs and complete their degrees, and they may need to take ‘extra-to-degree' courses to complete the certificate

Application deadline: None. Students may apply at any time during the academic year.

Focus of the certificate

  • Aboriginal health and well-being through sport and recreation


  • To enhance leadership in the growing field of Aboriginal sport and recreation
  • To provide students with an added advantage to their degree program for those seeking to work in this field
  • To entrench a deep understanding of the cultural context of Aboriginal communities and populations
  • To serve a demonstrated need in the realm of community-based Aboriginal sport and recreation

Course requirements

To qualify for the certificate, a student must satisfy all program requirements for their degree and demonstrate satisfactory academic performance by achieving a pass on all courses in the certificate program.

This is an embedded certificate: the certificate will only be awarded when the degree is awarded.


  • Enhanced and focused learning opportunity leading to a better understanding of the cultural context of sport and recreation in terms of Aboriginal Peoples
  • Employability advantage: Recipients of this certificate will be well-positioned to seek employment in community service areas related to sport and recreation in Aboriginal communities, and communities in which Aboriginal Peoples represent a significant portion of the population  


Faculty of Native Studies

Academic Advisor
Freda Cardinal 
Phone: 780-492-0525

Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation

Program Advisors

Darcie Tessari (for students with surnames A-K )

Meagan Hickey (for students with surnames L-Z )

Student Services Office