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Important: Special Circumstances
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As part of your Physical Education, Recreation or Kinesiology degree you’ll be required to complete a practicum. This is a non-paid work experience program in which you’re placed with an approved agency.

Students' Guide to the Professional Practicum Program (PDF)

The ideal practicum placement will provide you with a work experience that complements your pattern or concentration, previous work and volunteer history and your personal learning objectives.

  • Students enrolled in PEDS 491 and RLS 449 are placed on a full-time basis for 14 weeks. (minimum of 35 – 40 hours per week depending on the normal work week of agency staff)
  • Students in PEDS 490 (half time) are placed for a minimum of 20 hours per week for approximately 14 weeks.

Professional Practicum Term Dates

Year Season Dates
2014 Winter January 6 - April 17 2014
  Spring/Summer May 1 - August 7 2014
  Fall September 3 - December 9 2014
2015  Winter January 5 - April 17 2015
   Spring/Summer  May 1 - August 7 2015
   Fall  September 6 - December 22 2015
     (Finish Dec 15 if work Green & Gold week)
2016 Winter January 4 - April 15 2016
  Spring/Summer May 2 - August 5 2016
  Fall September 7 - December 20 2016
     (Finish Dec 13 if work Green & Gold week)
2017 Winter January 9 - April 21 2017
  Spring/summer May 1 - August 7 2017
  Fall September 6 - December 19 2017
     (Finish Dec 12 if work Green & Gold week)


Quality Practicum Experiences

The Faculty approves only those practicum placements that provide a quality learning and educational experience, and are sufficiently flexible to meet individual student learning objectives.

The Faculty also expects that the agency supervisor where you’ll do your practicum will:

  • Have appropriate qualifications
  • Provide day-to-day guidance and supervision in an environment that inspires and promotes learning
  • Provide an opportunity for you to observe and learn about the whole organisation, beyond your job description

You’re expected to ask questions, research specific areas thoroughly, and be fully engaged in your practicum to fulfill your seminar and assignment requirements.

Academic courses

  • RLS 441( Practicum Seminar -3 credits) and RLS 449 (Professional Practicum – 12 credits), taken concurrently, are limited to BARST students and are required courses in the recreation program
  • PEDS 490(6 credits) and PEDS 491 (12 credits) are limited to BPE and BSc Kinesiology students
  • Either PEDS 490 or PEDS 491 are required in the BPE and BSc Kinesiology programs
  • BPE or KIN students cannot register for both PEDS courses for credit
  • BPE or KIN students can only register in PEDS 490 once
  • BPE and KIN students enrolled in PEDS 490 may take up to 3 other 3 credit courses concurrently with the practicum
  • BPE and KIN students enrolled in PEDS 491 must have the approval of the practicum supervisor/instructor to enroll in another 3 credit course to be taken concurrently with the practicum

We strongly advise BPE and KIN students to plan for a full time practicum as most agencies will only offer full time placements. 


Geographic Location of Placements

Professional practicum students have completed their placements throughout Alberta, Canada, and around the world.  However, most students choose a placement in Alberta and specifically within the greater Edmonton metropolitan area. 

Many unique placements are offered outside of the Edmonton region, and students assigned to one of these should be prepared to re-locate during that term.  Also, there may be limited practicum opportunities in the Edmonton region for certain types of experiences and you may be required to re-locate to secure a placement in your specific area. 

Specifically, BPE and KIN students who would like exercise rehabilitation placements in either rehabilitation clinics or physiotherapy clinics need to consider placements in other parts of the province.


Important: Special Circumstances

Prerequisites for clinic-based practicums

If you’re a BPE or BSc Kinesiology student and you have an interest in securing a placement in either a rehabilitation clinic or a physiotherapy clinic, you must have completed pre-requisite courses prior to the commencement of your placement.

In addition, you may also be required to have completed specific certifications, such as first aid, CPT, CPR and/or AFCLA required for your practicum placement.

Please refer to the following documents:

If you're a BPE or KIN student you are are strongly advised to meet with your respective assigned program advisor early in your program to ensure that you are prepared to enroll in courses which are required, or highly recommended, prior to your clinic-based practicum (e.g. PEDS 400 and PEDS 440). 

Students must be in their final year of their degree program to enroll in the professional practicum.

Agency Administration Fee

  • RLS 449 and PEDS 491 (full-time practicum) $200.00 per student
  • PEDS 490 (half-time practicum) $100.00 per student
  • The agency pays the fee when the practicum begins.

There is no fee under the following circumstances:

  • Health care institutions (ie hospitals, nursing homes, extended care centres, etc) or clinics (physiotherapy, rehabilitation, medical, etc) with affiliation agreements with the University of Alberta are exempt
  • The fee is waived for international placements
  • Not-for-profit agencies may also apply for a per student/ per term fee waiver



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